Music is an inextricable component of modern entertainment in our lives. However, despite this fact, its quality remains debatable.

The majority of listeners wish their audio had more character and expression. Hence, you will need a tool that can make the bass pop, especially if you are holding a party.


Bass or bottom end refers to deep tones with a low frequency and pitch. Usually, they range from 16 to 256 Hz.

Bass boost is an audio effect that boosts or amplifies these low frequencies of the sound. It is closely similar to a simple equalizer. However, bass boosting it can only amplify one band in the low frequency range.

Here is a list of free bass booster apps that we have specially curated for all your Android and iOS devices.

Bass Booster – Music Equalizer

This is one of the most popular and efficient Android bass booster apps. This is a multi-purpose bass boosting app that can produce any sound you desire. Once you start using it, its strength will astonish you. It is perfect for all music lovers.

Based on the device you are using, it has a 5-level equalizer and 20 preset tunes. These are the basic features that come with this Android app.

bass booster

You may customize the settings anyway you want. This free bass booster also includes a widget, a task plugin, and a virtualizer. It works with all types of music, including pop, rock, EDM, jazz, and others. You will also find a variety of essential features that will allow you to take your sound to the next level.

You may also control the sound’s frequency, depth, and even individual instruments. There are four different theme styles in the app.

Equalizer Fx – Bass Booster App

This bass booster for iPhone has features like repeat and shuffle. There is an option to have music playing in the background. This is a necessary function in contemporary devices. Furthermore, even from the lock screen, you may adjust the playback.

Use the 5 band equalizer controller to apply equalizer presets based on music genre. You can also easily create your own unique preset. You have the ability to make and manage your own playlists. Add a bass boost or virtualizer effect to a music and you will discover a whole new world.

The following types of settings such as Acoustic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, and a variety of other styles are all available.

The app’s sleek and bright user interface will improve your overall perception of it and how it works. You can listen to music from a variety of sources, including iCloud and iTunes with this bass booster app for iPhone.

Boom: Music Player& Equalizer

This free bass booster could be the final solution for those who are still hunting for the right bass booster and equalizer. With Boom, you can enjoy all of the effects of 3D sound. It has cross platform support across both Android and iOS.

boom music player & equalizer

It is no secret that most people like music and listen to it all day, every day. And without a good music player that can play all of the sounds accurately, this process would be impossible. Many users of this software claim that it truly unleashes all of the depth and power of tunes. It is capable of transporting you to another world of exquisite music.

It allows every subtle element of your favorite tunes to express itself vividly and realistically. The sound quality is so good that it sounds close to live music. Furthermore, you have complete control over your equalizer and music library.

It allows you to access it not only from the phone’s library, but also through Dropbox and Google Drive. You may also download the bass boosted audio tunes to your phone and listen to them whenever you like.

Bass Booster – Volume Power Amp and mp3 Music Play

This is one of the best bass booster apps for iPhone. Bass Booster can boost your bass to the max. It can also improve your sound quality by a lot. You may select a tune from your iTunes library too. You can then play it with all of the settings and features that this program provides for your music.

You can change the bass level by clicking on the speaker’s icon. You will notice a difference right away, as your sound will be higher quality, deeper, and richer.

You may also add some more effects. Many people recommend this software since it allows them to listen to high-quality music while using headphones. You can also alter the music’s frequency.

The Dooper effect allows you to change the speed of the song. The user interface is simple and capable of providing the finest sound quality possible in any situation.

Equalizer & Bass Booster

To generate the 3D sound illusion, this equalizer may raise the frequencies of your music player while lowering the bass. You will notice that your smartphone now sounds fantastic.

equalizer and bass booster

Even so, when you wear headphones, the sound effects are excellent. Not only does this work for music files, but it also works for video files. Open a video on this interface and tap on the “to adjust the volume” button.Then you can modify the settings accordingly.

The equalizer features five different frequency levels and ten different settings. In addition, there are four great frequency specters here. On the main screen of the app, there are four different widgets.

Equalizer + Bass Booster and Audio Visualizer

The developers advertise the bass booster app as a new generation of boosters that will increase the sound of your music dramatically. All you have to do is update a tune from your iTunes library, SoundCloud, or Spotify and listen to it.

This app includes tools for classical, dance, electronic, Hip-Hop, piano, and many other music genres. It also features tools like bass booster, vocal booster, treble booster, etc.

The program also features a really appealing user experience making it well worth your time.

As an added benefit, this app will show you the most popular tunes right now. Because the program can recognize the type of music and its problems, it can remedy them in its smart feature. This also makes it possible to optimize tracks automatically.


This concludes our roundup of the top bass booster apps for Android and iOS. They are reliable and work on a variety of devices. Some bass booster apps on the market push the hardware to its limits. This may cause damage to your phone’s hardware.

These bass boosters are not technically hazardous. We, nonetheless, advise you to proceed with caution and avoid turning the dial all the way up. Now put on your preferred earbuds in, listen to your favorite music, and turn on your bass booster to hear the difference for yourself.