Top 30 delightful songs to test bass boosting of your new system

Bass is a low-frequency signal with a frequency range of 20 to 200 Hz. Many of the bass booster for Windows 10 are media players with equalizers for boosting. These equalizers have a variety of frequency bands. However, only a few of them can increase the bass levels. 60 Hz, 31.25 Hz, and 62 Hz are common such frequency bands. You will get a 15-20 dB boost by using these media players. Besides frequency bands, you can also use presets like absolute bass, treble and so on to boost bass.

To judge the efficiency of your system you must use song with deepest bass. Only the best systems can do justice to these tracks.

Here is a list of the best songs to test bass. You can pick one depending on your taste and genre easily.

Act Like You Know by Fat Larry’s Band

Fat Larry’s Band is a name that dates back to the days before the internet, in the late 1990s. Beginning in 1976, they released nine albums during their decade as a recording group. In 1982, Fat Larry’s Band one of their most successful charting singles. It features on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack CD released in 2002. This track was Act Like You Know.


The song begins with a high-key drum stomp followed by a shuffling, complex bass line. A slightly Afro beat type horn map on the song’s bridge follows the drum bass interaction of the intro. The outro leads to another chorus exchange, which fades the song out.

The song is a good juxtaposition of higher and lower frequencies. The plucked bass notes travel up and down the lower ends of the frequency spectrum. They should sound detailed and organic. While the vocals and other instruments add more dimension to it. It is one of those songs with deep bass that also has enough range to test out your system entirely.

Raven by GoGo Penguin

GoGo Penguin is a Manchester band. They deliver stadium-ready songs that are both startlingly complex and easy to access. Their melodies are an epic combination of jazz riffs and breakbeats.

Raven’s bass line is a fast-paced, convulsing double bass blowout. This makes it one of the best songs to test bass boosting. It demands a lot of concentration to follow as it swings around a grand piano riff and scattergun drums.

So What by Miles Davis

Miles Davis’ “So What” is one of the most well-known jazz compositions. It has a bass line that is immediately recognizable. He recorded the song in 1959 and it served as the album’s opening track, selling millions of copies. The song is simple, melodic, and catchy. However, it has complicated roots.


Subtle minute details fill each note of this song. Only the most perfect stereo systems can deliver unsullied.

Moondance by Van Morrison

This is the title track of one of the greatest albums of all time. The song features a typical wandering bass line. While a live-style showmanship to the melody, sits perfectly in the background. The vocals steal the show. The occasional saxophone slashes and flute flourishes hold your attention throughout. Throughout, the bass simply ticks over, holding it in time.

It is not just a bass test song. It provides a thorough examination of the system’s overall equilibrium and coordination.

The bass of Peter Hook is one of the most instantly recognizable sounds in music. Joy Division and New Order were both influenced by this sound. This has resulted in a massive list of classic hooks. With this hook discovers a new rhythm and texture every eight bars. Its iconic bass line makes it a perfect bass test song.

Rhythm & Sound by Mango Drive

The godfathers of dub techno are Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus. Rhythm & Sound focuses on the lower end of the sound spectrum. A repeating sub-bass pattern blends subtly in this track. The heaviness of the bass is clean and confident enough to keep the track rolling along. This deep resonating bass makes it one of the best bass test songs.

It tunes the sound just enough to keep your ears occupied. Higher up in the frequency spectrum, typical reggae stabs resonate.

Fantasy by The xx

The xx are popular for their reverb-laden guitars, simple drums, and heavy bass lines. And they do it exceptionally well.

You will not get to hear most of this track unless your system can display the deepest bass songs. The ideal stereo system will let you enjoy a couple of minutes of rolling, strong bass notes. This deep bass line is set against a spaced-out guitar riff.

New Life Baby Paris by Mala

In the early 2000s, dub step drew inspiration from garage, drum ‘n’ bass and several other genres. It then developed to create a new style.


This is the most typical track from the early days of the sound. With sporadic drums and sub-bass notes, it is a perfect test of rhythm and bass power. Deep bass hits sit underneath synth stabs and slow drums to create a dynamic rhythm that needs a deft touch. This makes it the best song to test bass boosting of your system.

Angel by Massive Attack

The Bristol trip-hop kings are experts in delivering fantastic, foreboding bass riffs.

This slow-burner rises into focus, switching through the gears as the track unfolds. The deep bass note springs up, changes tone, and becomes louder by the end. This is a great exercise for any subwoofer.

The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky ft. Vasily Petrenko, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Stravinsky himself describes the piece’s conclusion as “a noise”. It definitely builds to a cacophony of instruments. Ominous, crashing drums holds the listener’s attention. All this continues while the whole of the orchestra seems to be fighting for dominance. Enraged strings and throaty brass warrant strength and accuracy.

Time by Hans Zimmer

Time is a timeless classic that features in the movie Inception. Multiple layers define this track just like the film. Hans Zimmer has a long history of stunning soundtracks, but few do it better than Time. It is incomparable when it comes to bass weight and details.


This song can really fill your space. The transition from mezzo to forte is beautifully done. It is one of the best songs to test bass. Unless your system is efficient the delivery will fall flat.

Badge by Cream

Eric Clapton and George Harrison are the writers of this piece. Jack Bruce played the bass line. Jack’s agile, rolling bass riff gives this track its vitality and drive. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest bass guitarists of all time.

The short notes will put the dynamics of your system to the test. They should begin and stop on time to avoid slowing down the song. The depth and weight of the bass is well-balanced and light on its feet.

World-A-Music by Ini Kamoze

You cannot discuss bass music without including reggae. The design of this Sly and Robbie creation is best for hearing on a sound system that can shift some serious air. The bass line and track have been heavily sampled.

You want to look for strong, polished bass notes that stop and start neatly. They should not clutter the midrange. These are the signs of the best song to test bass boosting.

Aura by Bicep

The bass of this song is so noisy that it once shook the soundcard link during a live performance.


There is no denying that this captivating track features some of the deepest bass rasps on this list. Sharp clean strings balance them out. This makes it one of the best songs to test bass.

Bullet in the Head by Rage Against The Machine

The funk-metal of Rage Against The Machine leads itself well to noisy, heavy, low-strung bass riffs.

An ideal system will capture its magnificent finale with plenty of clarity. You should be able to hear the ting of the strings, particularly when the extra layers of guitar come into play.

Wasted Times by The Weeknd

RnB and hip-hop has seen a latest trend for super deep yet often ploddy bass lines. This track adds its own twist to this.


It is one of the deepest bass songs of modern times. It delivers its bass riffs with weight, definition, and texture.

Limit To Your Love by James Blake

The delicate vocals and basic piano chords introduce the track. They are quickly replaced by a deep rattling bass that thumps around at the bottom of the register. It then increasingly pulsates for added effect. All this makes it one of the best bass test songs out there.

Symphony No. 7 by Anton Bruckner

This is a classical song with deepest bass. It is an hour of massive peaks and troughs. It will surely put your system’s dynamics. It is not only the best song to test bass, but every other element of its musicality too. There is a huge range of sounds competing for attention. This contest becomes more evident at the lower fringes of the spectrum.

Hip Hop by Dead Prez

Hip hop is a genre known for its sub-rattling bottom frequencies. This track is catchy mid-303 sound that has layers of bouncing sub-bass.


This is a hip hop song with deepest bass in near-constant attack. A brief pause near the ending will test the pace and dynamics of your system.

Uh Uh Thundercat

The track begins with a quiet intro before launching into a chaotic two-minute finger workout.

Uh Uh is usually freeform. The bass line runs up and down the frequency spectrum at a high, unpredictable rate. This puts your system’s pacing and rhythm to the test.

Burning Down The House by Talking Heads

A gurgling powerhouse of a bass line propels this Talking Heads classic.

It is one of those songs with deep bass that shakes your insides. Those bass notes should sound neat and deep. There should be no blending or slowing down the overall tempo.

YYZ by Rush

This is a chaotic piece of progressive rock. Listen to it once and you will know why it is the best song to test bass. It is repetitive at times. This will work out the rhythm and control of your system.

Good Times by Chic

Not all well-known bass lines can work as bass test songs. But this one does the job really well.

There is more variety in note duration and attenuation than you might catch at first hearing. This calls for a little digging.

The Hidden Camera by Photek

This track uses a more natural double bass tone. This adds depth and subtlety to the bass line.


With intricate drum patterns in the upper end, there’s plenty of weight in the track. So, the bass does not overpower the mix. The rounded bass notes have a lovely warmth to them. A good setup should be able to capture this balance beautifully.

Hysteria by Muse

Playing this track requires incomparable amount of skill. The bass sections of the soundtrack are overdriven and slightly blurry. In addition to that, the roughness around the edges can reveal how smart your machine is. If you listen carefully, you should be able to pick out plenty of detail in the muck. It is probably the song with deepest bass on this list.

1. I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion

2. Candy Paint by Post Malone

3. Bagbak by Vince Staples

4. A Milli by Lil Wayne

5. Crown by Jay-Z

6. Best Day Ever by Mac Miller

Each of these tracks will help you figure out how your set-up treats low pitch levels. This is irrespective of whether you are listening to a stereo system or a good pair of headphones. You can put them to use whether you are in your car or checking a subwoofer. We have carefully selected these tracks from a wide range of genres. They vary vastly from reggae to rock, classical to dance and more. Hence, double bass, bass guitar, and serious sub-bass, all will be on full display. Therefore, there has to be something to boost your imagination.