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BeepBox is a user-friendly online tool for creating music. With its intuitive interface, you can easily compose tunes, tweak instruments, and adjust beats. No download is required! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, BeepBox makes music creation accessible and fun. Start crafting your masterpiece today!


Music for Song lets you easily customize all settings, from song structure to instrumental arrangements. Tailor effects and tweak envelopes to create your perfect sound. With intuitive controls, adjust every detail to craft music that reflects your unique style and vision.

Instrument Panel
Instrument Panel

BeepBox Music Maker's Instrument Panel allows you to create and customize your own tunes effortlessly. Choose from a variety of instruments, adjust their sound properties, and layer different tracks. It's intuitive.

Beepbox Song Editor
Beepbox Song Editor

Beepbox Song Editor offers a vast variety of features for your musical creativity. Import your song or start fresh with a new blank one. Once you’re done, you can export your song, copy the song URL, or share it easily. Create, edit, and share your music effortlessly with Beepbox Song Editor!

Pattern Matrix
Pattern Matrix

Arrange your musical patterns in Beepbox to compose full songs. Mix melodies, harmonies, and rhythms to craft unique tunes. Explore endless possibilities.


Rest assured, your privacy is paramount. Create and upload your music worry-free with our Beepbox tool. Our advanced algorithm ensures top-notch security without collecting any user data. Focus on your creativity, we'll safeguard your files.

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How to Generate BeepBox?

1 . Start a new project by selecting "File" and then "New."
2 . Pick instruments and set scale, key, tempo, and rhythm.
3 . Use the grid to add and edit notes by clicking.
4 . Adjust volume, EQ filter, type, fade-in/out, and algorithm.
5 . Control frequency settings and specific volume levels.
6 . Enhance your composition with feedback effects and other audio effects.
7 . Use attack, decay, sustain, and release settings.
8 . Listen using play/pause buttons and make necessary adjustments.
9 . Save your project and export as a song link.
10 . Adjust settings in the "Preferences" menu.
11 . By following these steps, you can create and refine your music compositions efficien

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is beepbox generator?

Beepbox Generator is an online tool for creating chiptune music, allowing users to compose and edit melodies and songs.

What types of music can I create with Beepbox Generator?

Beepbox Generator is ideal for creating chiptune music, but you can compose various styles, including electronic, video game soundtracks, and simple melodies.

How do I change the instruments in my composition?

You can change instruments by selecting a track and using the instrument settings on the right side of the interface to choose different sound presets.

What file formats can I export my music in from Beepbox Generator?

You can export your music as a .wav audio file or a .json file, which contains all the data for your composition.

How do I share my music created with Beepbox Generator?

To share your music, simply copy the unique link generated when you save your composition and share it with others. They can open the link in Beepbox Generator to listen to your creation.

Do I need to download any software to use Beepbox Generator?

No, Beepbox Generator is a web-based tool, so you do not need to download any software. You can use it directly in your web browser.

Is Beepbox Generator free to use?

Yes, Beepbox Generator is completely free to use. There are no charges for accessing or using the tool.

How do I start creating music on Beepbox Generator?

To start creating music, use the tool's interface to add and edit notes on the grid. You can adjust instrument settings, tempo, and other parameters as you compose.

What are the instrument settings available on the beepbox generator?

The instrumental settings of our beepbox generator include - You can adjust the volume of individual instruments, choose the type of instrument or sound, apply equalization filters to shape the sound, set fade-in and fade-out effects for smoother transitions, and select algorithms for generating or processing sounds.

What are the feedback and effects options available in BeepBox, and how can I use them to enhance my composition?

You can add feedback effects to your sound and control the volume of the feedback effects efficiently. Additionally, you can apply various audio effects to enhance your composition.

What is the use of envelope in the beebox generator?

The envelope in the beepbox generator is used to shape the sound with attack, decay, sustain, and release settings.

What are the song settings available on the beepbox generator?

You can select the musical scale for your composition and adjust the speed of the music. You can further choose the key signature for your song and set the rhythmic structure of your composition.

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