The most popular social media platform worldwide is Facebook. There, people frequently share videos of random, helpful, and everyday objects. For some reason, people enjoy disseminating numerous cat videos. While most of the videos on my timeline are useless, there are a few that may have useful information. In order to listen to the audio from these videos whenever I want, I like to extract the audio from them.

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The most widely used social media site in the world is Facebook, and interest in its video streaming service is growing.

You might come across a video with catchy audio while scrolling through your Facebook feed.

By default, Facebook does not permit you to download its videos. However, there are independent websites that can pull videos from Facebook.

But what if all you want to get from a Facebook video is the audio?

Again, we turn to third-party websites that can assist you in extracting audio from any online video, including Facebook videos.

The five methods we outline in this article will help you extract audio from Facebook videos, but first, you must understand how to obtain the URL from Facebook.

  1. To download a video, perform a right-click.
  2. Tap Show Video URL. “
  3. Put the video URL’s address into your clipboard. If you want to download multiple videos, copy all of the URLs and save them to a Notepad file.

Now let’s look at the online tools and download programs that can assist you in removing the audio from Facebook videos.

How do I download the audio from videos on Facebook?

1.Save From

  1. Start your web browser and select Save From.
  2. Input the URL for the Facebook video you copied.
  3. After processing the video link, the downloader displays the various download options.
  4. To download the movie, click Download MP4 on the toolbar.

Yes, it is a video, but the best MP4 to MP3 converters can always be used to extract audio from videos.


A strong web application called Save From integrates with numerous online video streaming services, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. On the website, you can find a complete list. Simply type the Facebook video’s URL into the provided field to activate it; otherwise, nothing needs to be done.

Get the MP4 file now.

Wait a second. Rather than video, you said audio. Because Facebook doesn’t make it simple, you occasionally need a workaround. There are far superior alternatives to converting MP4 to MP3 or other audio formats once the video has been downloaded to your local drive. Online Video Converter, for instance. Simply upload the Facebook video you downloaded, decide on the audio format, and extract it in a matter of seconds.

Why go through the hassle? By doing so, you can also, for a small additional click fee, trim the video and only convert the desired audio portion, skipping the rest. Since there are no ad blockers on the website, it is supported by advertisements.

2.Getfvid FB Converter

  1. Start Getfvid.
  2. In the search box, type in the Facebook video’s URL.
  3. After clicking Start, wait while the tool processes the URL.
  4. Choose MP3 from the drop-down menu under “Convert To” by clicking it.
  5. Choose the MP3 file’s quality.
  6. By choosing the Start and End times, the video can also be cropped.
  7. Select Convert.
  8. To download the extracted audio file, click the Download button.

Similar to Save From, Getfvid also enables you to download the audio from Facebook videos in MP3 format.

3.Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

  1. Launch the online audio recorder for Awersoft.
  2. Click the Start Recording button on the homepage.
  3. Whenever you are prompted to do so, download and launch the launcher.
  4. To install and run the launcher, double-click on it.
  5. Start a Facebook video after the launcher has started working.
  6. The Apwersoft Online Audio Recorder’s Record button should be clicked.
  7. Play the video on Facebook right now.
  8. For the audio to be saved, click the Stop button.
  9. Click the Open Folder icon to open the file.

You can record high-quality audio from computer sound cards and microphones using Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder. Additionally, it eliminates the hassle of having to convert the MP4 file into an MP3 file after downloading the Facebook video.

4. VLC Media Player

  1. Verify that you have saved the Facebook video to your computer.
  2. Activate VLC Player and launch the Facebook video.
  3. Select “Convert/Save” by clicking Media.
  4. Under the File tab, select the Add button.
  5. You can convert a video by choosing it.
  6. To convert or save, click the button.

After selecting the location, click the Browse button.

  1. Select Start.

There you go. It should now successfully convert your Facebook video into an MP3 file using the VLC media player.

These are the five methods for obtaining audio from a Facebook video. Although some of these are available online, we have also included some practical offline software for your convenience.


You can quickly extract the audio from any Facebook video and save it to your computer using another Facebook video downloader app. It is incompatible with other video hosting services and was created specifically with Facebook in mind.

Enter after copying and pasting the Facebook video URL. Both the audio and the video are available for download. The capability to scan a QR code and download the video right to your smartphone or Dropbox is an intriguing feature.